NEW BLOG EDITION:  How to change your posture. 


If you didn't read the last blog, then have a read of that before you read this one, as it's important that you understand why posture is important.

Most people know what a good posture is, but very few people manage to sustain one.  The problem is that it is human nature to move towards whatever it is you are concentrating on, or the person you are talking to.  This drags us forwards, and although postural problems vary, a vast majority of people have the same problem; a poking chin and rounded shoulders.  From the last blog, we know that this increases pressure through the joints, particularly at the base of the neck, and increases tension in the muscles around the neck.

Quite simply then, to improve our posture, we need to tuck our chins back and pull our shoulders back a little.  I usually suggest to a point where your neck and shoulders are noticeably further back than they would normally be, but not forced back so it feels strained.  Simple!!!

However, the problem is remembering to do this.  Most of us only think about our posture when things start to hurt, by which time joints and muscles have already got stiff and tight. Even if you think about it in the morning, it's so easy to forget about  it as you concentrate on your work.  Some kind of prompt is therefore needed.  Something you do really frequently each day, like answer the phone or write an e-mail.  Every time you do this activity, you start it by adjusting your posture.  What works even better is a visual prompt.  A post-it note on your computer screen is a good one.  It doesn't have to say anything, but every time you see it, you tuck your chin back and pull your shoulders back.  There are very few guarantees in life, but one that I will offer is that without some kind of prompt, you will forget about your posture.

As we said earlier, a huge majority of people need to make this adjustment.  This blog is meant as general guidance, and without individual assessment, it is impossible to give more specific advice. However, just being more aware of your posture, and catching yourself in a bad position will mean a reduction in tension and stiffness around the neck and shoulders, and less pain!!

Try it.  Invest in a post-it note.


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